1. The start!!!


Every gigantic tree starts it’s own journey by a tiny seed. To be honest,  the seed I’m planting today is not an intention of being massive, but who knows what may tomorrow bring with the sun?

The counting numbers would suggest my age as 20, in years. I’ve passed my teenage,  and it’s all a collection of experiences and memories. And my intention is to have a log of my memories and recording my special moments with the freshness itself.

Basically the medium of sharing my thoughts is poems and denotation, rather being reported I prefer to simulate yourselves.  Judge me if you do, all I need to be originally myself.

I’m Sri Lankan, here’s the way to have a look at my sinhalese blog, which is updating since one year. As a newbie to English blogging, have a look something I managed to arrange words to express the way I see “the fingers”
If you really care, the world is within you and it’s up to you to discover.  See yourself and your family through your “fingers”!!!


Humble and tiny, nobody’s grown 
Hugging and sleeping,  nobody’s gone

Alarms are ringing, yawnings born
No time for snoozing,  baby is born

Wake up thumb,  sleep time’s gone
Stay away us, little pinky moans

Thumbs up right,  little fatty groans
Kisses every morning,  pinky goes small

School time starts, together count stars
When the time pass, let the child pass

When the bells ring, younger ring crowns
When the battle sing, five stands strong

The older the five,no hugs no kisses
Tremble at all, healthy time’s gone

What make they hug, the passing bells
Two shires together hug,  for dieing old soul



One thought on “1. The start!!!

  1. This is the first poem I’ve ever heard written by one of my friends! It’s practical and goes on the very basic techniques of a poem.. Advanced! Superb! Fantastic! No arguments. Wish you all the best to create more and more..


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