6. Painful Love

Some people call love cdcdcis painful. No it’s not the ‘love’ make it painful.  The eagerness of gaining ownership is what it bring disappointment, pain and suffering.

In my definitions,  I love you,  yes.  I need to see your success,  and want to join for the celebrations. I’ll give my hand or whatever it cost, to make you rise in fall. I want to see you smiling,  or think you are,  while standing distant. I want you to be happy,  if it isn’t with me in your definitions,  yes I’m the one who join you to choose your best match,  who’s going to grant permission first to spend your rest of life as you wish,  or the with the person you really love.  Yes it’s true you look kinda older than me,  but I know the little kid living within you.  You’re still 19 and lot more to grow up in your megamind.  If one day if you decide, define and stabilize in your quotation “what life is” just talk to me,  with your appachchi figure as you call.

If it’s me you see happiness of your life,  or the habit you call it’s got to be the one you born for,  or the person who you define you love,  understanding what it is love more than you do now as a little kid, a teen.  I’m going to bring your spring,  staying up warm in your cold winters of life as I did past 3-4 years.  You can call you love me,  i know it’s the happiness you see in the comfort,  the warm pillow in a winter and the happy times in a hangout.  But one day you’ll realize they are all a set of responsibilities of someone who loves and clues that you really care,  with sometimes some pain. But when it comes to love you’ll realize,  in love there is no pain or a gain.  Just sacrifices that count or not,  just to see someone smile. And yes you may thought that,  in my limited knowledge it’s the caring which is the key to buid up love.



One thought on “6. Painful Love

  1. She goes about turning on random lights in your dark memories with her sigh….but let her open the closed windows in abandoned rooms of your heart with a giggle and lighten the rooms with new shades of colours. That’s all what she asks…

    P.S once she read this, it broke her down for a while…


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